Monday, January 30, 2012

How's That Taste?

Senator Stacey Campfield, Lady in Waiting for The Queen of Bigotdom, got a swift, decisive and, might I say, delicious, taste of what it feels like when you are unfairly discriminated against.  When attempting to sit down to a nice, quiet, post assholery brunch at The Bistro at the Bijou in MY hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee, Campfield's plans where dashed against the rocks of prejudice by the owner, Ms. Martha Boggs, who told him to take his freakshow (not a quote) elsewhere

Following this, an outcry of support among the restaurants Facebook page showed overwhelmingly that Mr. Campfield's brand of ignorance and wing-nut pandering isn't going to get him far in this world.

 For the full story (and the FIRST available online from a news media source) check out The Metropulse.

I'm not one for obvious puns, but Mr. Campfield is stirring up a HUGE pot of trouble, and its going to do nothing but give him heartburn.

UPDATE:  Here's a short video by Michael Patrick of the Knoxville News Sentinal, an interview with Martha Boggs on her motivations behind removal of this douchebag from her establishment.

UPDATE: This story is already making its way around to blogosphere, so check the links below for comments, updates, etc... unless you are just DYING to get them here. :)

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