Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Dreams Aren't Made of This

 I had bad dreams last night... very bad. Moreover, the content of the dreams aren't the scary part, it was the feelings behind the events within. I'm pretty good at dream interpretation, but some of these images just boggle my mind... Perhaps someone who reads this may offer a tad more insight... Here goes:

Dream 1*: I was on my front porch, laying on a bed with an old, morbidly obese white man, being forced to have sex with him... I remember specifically... his "member" reminded me of a long, flaccid white snake, and was probably the most grotesque thing I'd ever seen...

*Mind you, this is in reality one LONG dream, but was separated by moments where I would "wake up" within in the dream, thinking I was finally back in the real world.

Dream 2: I wake up and am immediately standing in the street, talking on the phone to a friend of mine, losing my mind due to the fact that he's decided to have gender reassignment surgery. I'm snotting and crying, thinking about the fact that my friend, who is very masculine, would be going through this and its upsetting.

Dream 3: I awake in a version of a home that mixes elements of my childhood home and current residence. I decide to go to the bathroom and dance around in the mirror. I discover that I have a hole running through the center of my chest approximately the size of a dime. I flail about in the mirror, quoting lines from Death Becomes Her ("You are a walking lie, and I can see right through you!"). Suddenly, my reflection stops mimicking me... It takes on a life of its own, the air surrounding it grows dark, and I'm suddenly terrified of the fact that it is no longer me, that I'm being looked at by some creature that I can't describe.

Dream 4: I'm standing in the road outside my parents home. It is dark. Storm clouds circle and I can feel the creature somewhere in the distance, speeding down the road towards me... My only hope is that I can wake up before it reaches me.

Dream 5: I wake in bed, again, in a combination of my parents house/current room. My roommates dog lies in the bed next to me, and I shoo her out. As I'm closing the door and climbing back into bed, all the stuffed animals in my room (some real, from my childhood, other simply taking up space) are all sitting around my floor, looking at me. I know the creature is near. I call for my mother, who doesn't answer, and out of the corner of my eye, I see a brown teddy against the wall wave its arm, and all the stuffed animals soar back into their respective places. I'm scared of that bear.
I gaze into the closet (which is very small, the overhead light is on, and has shelves filled with toys) and a ceramic bull jumps out. Its roughly the size of a medium sized dog. It proceeds to attack me, goring at me with its horns. I call my mother again, and as she enters the room, it stops.

I wake up for real and call my best friend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010