Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HEY! I've been to Saturn!

Usually, if I am going to devote an entire blog to a dream, or series of dreams, I can remember almost every tiny, insignificant detail. Except for songs... I have an incredible amount of trouble remembering tunes and lyrics to songs that I have written or sang within my dreams, but mostly, I think this is because they are not very good and would probably cause hemorrhaging and gingivitis to anyone within earshot were I to sing them in real life. So, it is the series of dreams that I had last night, not their level of detail or accuracy, that warranted my blog.

That being said, none of my dreams last night contained singing, though there were a few hymns struck out upon xylophones and timpani, as well as an AV car chase, two different versions of the same film, and a planetary explosion... plus the successful resurrection of Buffy (the Vampire Slayer).

Firstly, I believe that at some point I successfully realized that I was dreaming. After yet ANOTHER Zombie Apocalypse, I and a group of my closest friends, none of whom were real people, stood on the outskirts of a major city, discussing our next plan of action. In my infinite wisdom, and apparently finding this scenario to be so unbelievable, I decided to shift my dream in a different direction... which, of course, meant transporting the planet Saturn into orbit around Earth. And just for your information, Saturn is purple, not orange, like NASA wants you to believe. Anyways, as this wasn't enough, I felt it necessary to rotate the planet so as to get a better look a the rings, and in doing so, with such inexperience in my new God-like abilities, I inadvertently dragged a chunk of rock several miles wide through Earth's atmosphere, where it impacted the planet. We could all see the explosion, and in impending wave of hot, nuclear death that rushed across the face of the planet. My last words... "Well, at least now we don't have to worry about the Zombies."

What happened next is a bit fuzzy, and I can't remember getting from one place to another, but I ended up watching a movie with my mother, an English remake of an Italian film, the names of which I simply can't remember. A boy, about ten years old, saw something he couldn't explain, a creature that shouldn't exist and spent the entire movie trying to find it. I think that the creature was some metaphor for his happiness, seeing as how his mother was divorced and they were fairly poor, living in a small apartment in a less than pleasant part of town. Their neighbors were an assortment of societal rejects and the elderly, all of whom seemed to accept their positions, as well as the positions of those around them. No one was cruel, but all were unusual, and everything seemed a little less colorful than life should be. Eventually, the boy, who's one interest and activity for escape was rock climbing, eventually follows the "creature" to a small quarry near a set of abandoned apartments. The small quarry opens into a large chasm, the bottom of which couldn't be seen. The boy climbs across a rock wall to the alcove where he thinks he found the creature, but realizes, a bit too late, that it is not real. Working his way back to solid ground, the boy stops, slips, and as he falls, the screen goes black, leaving my mother and I to fill in the blanks. It was Easter in the dream. I just remembered.

So, having seen the English version, we popped in the Italian version, which was similar, except the main character was a young woman living on her own, using climbing as an escape from her dire reality. She finds herself in the quarry, which in this version takes a more structured appearance; instead of appearing next to abandoned buildings, the quarry and chasm were opposite raised concrete aqueducts. After climbing on the rock face, she worked over to the aqueduct, where it crumbled under foot and she fell, breaking her legs, several ribs and an arm. She landed in a bank of plants, screaming for help and leaving the audience knowing that none would ever come. The end...

Quite uplifting, eh?

After all this, I found myself in my old high school theater, playing xylophone during church, a small fat man, not unlike the Reverend in Porky's 2, gave his sermon, which we, the band, would punctuate with hymns, or timpani rolls, or random bouts of musical genius! This, of course, all took place after watching a video I had made in high school where I was the driver of a green-screened car, as my passengers and I acted through several environments, much like the opening of the Naked Gun films.

Now, one last piece to my dream puzzle, the piece of which aren't quite as pleasant.

As I lay waking this morning, I was delivered one last bit. I was in that delicate state of being both awake and asleep, aware of my surroundings, knowing that I was in my room, but narrating my dream to myself as it unfolded within my mind. I was telling myself a story. I was a student still in high school, and I had made a visit to a teacher's house. As I turned to leave, he was on me, and in my narration (which I shall omit for the graphic nature), I told myself how he began, and how at first, it was nice, but then I learned that I was not the first student he had approached. Suddenly, my yeses became nos, and the more I said no the more he thought yes... I leave the rest to you.

As a blog that started off so light and funny, it inadvertently became dark and series. Ah, well, such are my dreams.

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