Monday, February 14, 2011

VD... Make of it What You Will

Valentine's Day... either a horribly obscure horror movie or a day created simply to remind the lonely that they are just that... alone. Take your pick. It is on this day that I usually celebrate by wearing black, squirreling myself away and drinking myself into a stupor. However, it was this Valentine's that I felt the need to branch out, do something festive, remind myself of the friendships I do have and how one is never truly "alone"

A few weeks ago (and yes, I have been saving them for a couple weeks) I found myself at Target, picking through Valentines Day cards and a sundry of other items, when I stumbled across what I thought would be an amazing chance to give myself some extra "love karma" in the form individually packaged Play-Doh containers made specifically for distribution at Valentines. I couldn't resist... the spirit of Saint Valentine overcame me and I reached out, my hand trembling and excited to grasp the vestige of my long-lost childhood, that I might give the gift of youth and joy to my coworkers...

To put it shortly, I bought the Play-Doh valentines, and of course, as expected, my coworkers were quite impressed at my savvy for Tines of the Valentin... They loved them. As everyone knows, the best part of Play-Doh is the smell. It brings up memories long forgotten and most treasured.

So, I sit here, spending the last moments of The Day of Lovers drinking from a self-purchased bottle of Patron Silver and watching Harry Potter... I'm glad for making the day brighter for others, but I certainly was hoping to find the day brighter for myself... Ahhh, tequila... why do I love thee?

P.S. This was a short post...

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